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Finding funding: Sourcing opportunities


Part one of two on how to spot and share info on research funding calls

You can’t be what you can’t see, and you can’t win research funding that you didn’t know was available. You also can’t win research funding that you ‘sort of’ knew about, but not in the right way or in the right format, or at the right time. And, worse, if you’ve misunderstood a research funding call or had it miscommunicated to you, you risk wasting a lot of your precious time barking up the wrong tree.

Every research funder and institution should have clear and timely communication of research funding opportunities as a priority. As a funder, you want your opportunity under the nose of every eligible researcher with suitable ideas, and you absolutely don’t want to have to receive, review and reject applications which aren’t competitive or aren’t in scope. As an institution, you want your researchers to know exactly where to go to advance their research ideas.

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