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Image: Scottish Government [CC BY-NC 2.0], via Flickr

Alex Salmond has unveiled a monument to his pledge to keep university education free from tuition fees.

On his final day as first minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond has revealed a commemorative stone (pictured) at Heriot Watt University. After viewing it, he said: “The single biggest achievement by this government has been the abolition of tuition fees. This one action has restored Scotland’s long tradition of education being based on ability to learn, not the ability to pay. It is without doubt now a commitment ‘writ in stane’.”

The rock weighs almost a tonne and is inscribed with the words of a statement made by Salmond in March 2011. It reads: “The rocks will melt with the sun before I allow tuition fees to be imposed on Scottish students.” Salmond has now resigned; Nicola Sturgeon, the leader of the Scottish National Party, is due to be sworn in as first minister tomorrow.

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