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What motivates Theresa May?

Apart from winning a thumping majority, what does the prime minister want to achieve?

A lot of people who analyse politics have come to believe that the prime minister is moving the country and the Conservatives in a more communitarian direction. It is not a rejection of liberalism or the liberal order, the belief in freedom, a belief in opportunity and social mobility, with which Conservatives have historically been associated. But it is a greater emphasis on responsibility towards others and relationships with others, as well as community citizenship and the civic space. Some have called this the post-liberal agenda.

She is asking lovers of liberty―young, socially mobile, successful people who are usually products of universities―to think differently, to step into the shoes of people who won’t be so lucky in life. Those on modest incomes who yearn not necessarily for more freedom but for more economic and social security, a greater control over deteriorating employment opportunities, services and civicness in the communities in which they live.

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