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ANU launches medical research foundation

The Australian National University (ANU) has set up a research foundation to advance human health and maintain the institution’s reputation for excellence in medical research, the university announced on 12 March.

The John Curtin Medical Research Foundation, based at the university’s medical school, will fund the work of more than 200 medical scientists at the ANU. Donations from philanthropists, staff, alumni and the wider community will go towards research projects and equipment, according to the foundation’s mission statement.

“The path from medical discovery to drug trial to prescribed treatment is time-consuming, resource-intensive and never guaranteed. Researchers rely more and more on philanthropic support of medical research and raising funds to support this crucial journey,” Julio Licinio, the foundation’s director told the university’s website.

The foundation has been established as part of the ANU Endowment for Excellence, to which it will report annually and which supports ANU in the delivery of excellence in research, education and community engagement.