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Dear David Cameron,

Speakers shared with their colleagues at the ARMA funders’ forum on impact, one key message they would give to our new Prime Minister David Cameron about university research.

Dear David Cameron…

“… don’t cut the Research Council budget, but if you do, don’t simply focus on the short term impacts or let cuts affect blue skies research.”
Steven Hill, head of the RCUK Strategy Unit

“…reduce bureaucracy in medical research. High levels of bureaucracy are bad for universities; their funders and ultimately it negatively impacts on patient treatments and care.”
Simon Denegri, chief executive of the Association of Medical Research Charities

“…continue to support collaborations in research. Even blue skies research should have external stakeholder collaboration. “
Fiona Nightingale, senior adviser at the Knowledge Transfer Partnership

“…do not underestimate the impact of social science research.”
Alan Warde, University of Manchester