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Tuition fees news round up, Monday, T-3

Another day of irrelevance from our glorious Westminster newshounds in the Lobby. Or rather, some decent reflective pieces emerging like this supremely fair one on Nick Clegg in the Wall Street Journal, but no more substantial news on the state of negotiations.

So here is the news.

Greg Mulhollands pitch for a delay on the crunch vote on tuition fees is the best chance the rebels have of stopping the juggernaut. His suggestion will force the whips to reconsider the arithmetic in the House of Commons. And what hes saying is pretty much identical to that set out by John Denham in the opposition debate last week. The question the press pack should be asking is, will Mulholland and Denham quietly join forces? In particular, are they going to agree on the text of an amendment to Thursdays motion that would prevent the question of raising the cap to £9,000 being put, and a way of moving it?

I will bet you a pound to a penny that the answer is yes.

Update. OK, I take it back. Partly. The Times is reporting that Chris Huhne will “miss” the vote. I bet that is making Nick Clegg feel really comfortable.