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Funding agencies endorse astroparticle physics wish list

European funding agencies have approved scientists' recommendations to upgrade astroparticle physics facilities.

Appec, the Astroparticle Physics European coordination and Aspera, the AstroParticle European Research Area, have approved the updated European roadmap for astroparticle physics on 21 November.

Scientists recommend for example investing in gravitational wave advanced detectors; dark matter searches; and underground laboratories. In addition, they recommend focussing on three high-energy projects, including the Cherenkov Telescope Array, and investing in dark energy programmes.

Both organisations say that Europe should better coordinate its support to theoretical research, as well as smaller R&D projects, adding that astroparticle labs should work with geo-scientists and environment researchers.

Appec includes funding agencies from 11 countries. The Aspera network is funded by the European Commission as an Era-Net; it includes 23 national funding agencies and the European particle physics lab Cern.