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Water research agreement signed with China

Germany and China have launched a collaborative research project for cleaner water during a China trip by research minister Annette Schavan.

The project, to be based at the Tongji University of Shanghai, will support research into the protection of clean water sources, provision of drinking water and reduction of water use in industry and society.

The German partner for the project, which was announced on 10 January, is the University of Darmstadt.

“We want to show the world together that sustainable use of water and energy can be possible even in fast-growing regions,” said Schavan. “Water is a resource that is threatened worldwide in both its quality and quantity. Therefore the protection of water is a task that must not be restricted to borders.”

The collaboration is an early manifestation of the German Science Year for Sustainability, which will be launched in Berlin on 8 February. During this year, Germany will launch several research initiatives for more sustainable use of resources, particularly with fast-growing partner countries where resources are becoming increasingly scarce.

Results of the collaboration are expected to be shown during the World Garden Exhibition in Qingdao in 2014. The Chinese minister for of research, Wan Gang, said during Schavan’s visit that he wants the exhibition to recycle up to 30 per cent of its water and to produce all its own energy.

In June 2011, Germany signed its first memorandum of understanding with China on sustainability research and collaboration. The clean water research project is the first result.