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Science academies of Germany and France to work together

The Leopoldina, Germany’s academy of sciences, and the French Académie des Sciences are to collaborate more closely as part of an agreement signed in Paris to commemorate the Elysée Treaty.

The Elysée treaty, signed 50 years ago, states that Germany and France should cooperate on international issues, to end post-war mistrust and competitiveness between the two countries. Like the treaty, the deal signed between the Leopoldina and its French counterpart will enable the two academies to present a united front in international science negotiations.

“Both academies unite excellent researchers,” said Jörg Hacker, the president of the Leopoldina, after signing the agreement. “The cooperation between both academies is important to make sure their knowledge is recognised and respected internationally, for example during EU or G8 decisions.”

As part of the agreement, the two academies will develop joint statements on scientific issues, hold joint conferences and issue joint recommendations for governments. France’s Philippe Taquet, the president of the Académie des Sciences, will look after the French contribution to the partnership.