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Horizon Europe offers €60m for research and innovation reforms

Image: BATMANV, via Shutterstock

Eligible themes include gender equality and ethics, while another call offers €162 million for infrastructure

The EU is offering a total of €60.5 million through its Horizon Europe R&D programme for “projects that can reform and enhance the European research and innovation system”.

Proposals are being sought until 20 April for projects that can help to bring about improvements in specific areas including gender equality; ethics and integrity; open access; collaboration between national research and innovation systems; research careers; and the transformation of higher education institutions.

Infrastructure call

A separate call, open until the same date, is offering €162m to fund research infrastructures. Within this call, €110m has been allocated to proposals on the next generation of scientific instrumentation, tools and methods and advanced digital solutions.

The call devotes €30m to work on the European Open Science Cloud, a data-sharing and analysis platform, and the remaining €22m to the more general theme of developing, consolidating and optimising the European research infrastructure landscape.

Evaluation results for both calls should be available in the third quarter of 2022.