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Input sought on Horizon evaluations

Iamge: Valery Kenski [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr

Feedback will be taken into account as R&D programme is “fine-tuned and developed”

The European Commission has opened calls for feedback on the EU’s ongoing Horizon Europe R&D programme and its predecessor, Horizon 2020.

Feedback will be used to help evaluate the two programmes and to “further develop and fine-tune” Horizon Europe, the Commission said.

For Horizon 2020, which had a budget of nearly €80 billion for 2014-20, the Commission is carrying out a final evaluation. Meanwhile, Horizon Europe, which has a budget of €95.5bn for 2021-27, is undergoing an interim evaluation.

Both evaluations aim to look at the programmes’ design, implementation and results, while also addressing their relevance, coherence and efficiency. They will cover all aspects of the two programmes.

The Commission added that the efficiency analysis will review costs and benefits for applicants, including an “assessment of potential unnecessary burdens and complexities for applicants and participants”.

Feedback can be submitted on the Commission website and the calls close on 29 July. A final version of the Horizon Europe evaluation is planned for the summer of 2024 while the final version of the Horizon 2020 evaluation is planned for the end of 2023.