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ERC board tells researchers there’s no hiding behind AI


Funder warns researchers of accountability for ‘good scientific conduct’ in proposals if using artificial intelligence

The European Research Council’s governing board has warned researchers that using artificial intelligence in developing research proposals is no excuse for any misconduct.

In a statement it put out on 1 December, the ERC Scientific Council said that the funder had supported research into AI, and it recognised that AI “will bring profound changes [to] the research process”.

Such changes are already taking place, the council acknowledged, such as in researchers using AI or other people to develop ideas, search literature and translate or summarise texts.

But the council warned: “Use of external help in preparing a proposal does not relieve the author from taking full and sole authorship responsibilities with regard to acknowledgements, plagiarism, and the practice of good scientific and professional conduct.”

The council added that it was “following the fast developments in the area and will renew its policies as needed”.