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Horizon Europe opens to researchers in New Zealand


Researchers can now apply to lead consortia under R&D programme’s second pillar

Researchers in New Zealand can now apply to the EU’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme in line with the association deal struck last year.

The development means researchers in the country are eligible to apply for funding directly from the programme and to lead proposals for collaborative projects.

“I am glad to share the news that New Zealand researchers and organisations are now able to apply as prospective beneficiaries in pillar 2 Horizon Europe calls,” tweeted Signe Ratso, a senior European Commission official, on 17 February.

Pillar 2 of the programme focuses on industrial competitiveness and on societal challenges such as climate change.

Pending formal completion of New Zealand’s association deal, applications will be considered under a transitional agreement. Association gives non-EU countries access to Horizon Europe on near-equal terms with the bloc’s member states.

New Zealand is the first country outside the European near neighbourhood to agree association to the programme.