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EU-funded project to guide diamond open access begins

 Image: Grace Eliz for Research Professional

Diamas project involves funder groups Coalition S and Science Europe

An EU-funded project to map and guide ‘diamond’ open-access publishing—in which costs are paid by organisations instead of by readers or authors—has now begun.

The three-year Diamas project, which launched this month with a €3 million EU grant, is intended to map the landscape of diamond open-access publishing in Europe and develop guidelines, standards and best practices for diamond publishing initiatives, as well as recommendations for coordinating sustainable support.

Science Europe, the association of research funders and performers; Coalition S, the partially overlapping group of funders requiring the researchers they support to make resulting papers openly available immediately; and Aix-Marseille Université announced on 20 September that they were pleased to be taking part in the project.

A total of 23 European organisations are involved, the trio said. They said representatives of those organisations met and discussed possible collaboration opportunities during a conference on 19 and 20 September.

Diamas will work closely with the global group of organisations who signed up to an action plan for diamond open access, according to the trio.