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Cern and US plan long-term collaboration

Image: Cern [CC BY 4.0]

Statement of intent covers large infrastructure, advanced computing and open science

The US government and Cern, the European organisation for nuclear research, have agreed to continue their collaboration on long-term initiatives.

A non-binding statement of intent released on 26 April says the two intend to cooperate on future planning for large research infrastructure facilities, advanced scientific computing and open science.

While recognising their longstanding partnership in the fields of nuclear and particle physics, they outlined that they are seeking to “strengthen” their relationship.

The statement was signed by Cern director-general Fabiola Gianotti and by Deirdre Mulligan, principal deputy US chief technology officer.

Accelerating progress

The two agreed to enhance their collaboration in planning large-scale, resource-intensive facilities, with the “goal of providing a sustainable and responsible pathway” for the use of future particle accelerators.

Specifically, they will continue to work together on a feasibility study of the Future Circular Collider, the proposed successor to Cern’s Large Hadron Collider.

If Cern member states decide to go ahead with the FCC, the US said it intends to collaborate on its construction and physics exploitation.

The two also affirmed their commitment to taking action to facilitate the widespread adoption of open science, which they said is consistent with the closing statement of a 2023 summit on the topic.