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EU opens portal to information on research careers

Image: Cavan Images, via Getty Images

Commissioner says move could help attract researchers to Europe and facilitate their mobility

The European Commission has launched a centralised online platform for researchers to access information to help them with their career development.

The ERA Talent Platform—which is named in reference to the European Research Area, an initiative to harmonise research-related policies across European countries—provides information and services on issues including mobility and visas, human resources, pensions and career opportunities.

Research and innovation commissioner Iliana Ivanova described it as “a one-stop shop for vital information and services for the research community”.

She said its launch on 10 June was a step towards facilitating talent mobility in the European Research Area and part of efforts to “attract and retain talent in Europe for research and innovation to thrive and underpin our prosperity and competitiveness”.

The platform also provides access to the Euraxess support services centre, which has itself been revamped in an effort to make it easier to navigate and to increase its interoperability with other EU data systems.