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EU and Latin America agree to stronger innovation links

 Image: Sasin Paraksa, via Shutterstock

Transatlantic cooperation plan adds innovation pillar to ties for infrastructures, mobility and common challenges

The EU and Latin American countries have set out a three-year plan for R&D cooperation built on research infrastructures, researcher mobility, common challenges and—for the first time—innovation.

The 2021-23 plan was informally approved at a 30 October meeting between the EU and the 32 countries in the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.

The new ‘pillar’ will seek to make innovation one of the “key areas of policy collaboration between the two regions”, as the two blocs compare views on innovation systems to allow policy-swapping.

Maria Cristina Russo, head of international cooperation for the European Commission’s research department, represented the EU at the virtual meeting, which was also addressed by the EU research commissioner, Mariya Gabriel.