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European University Institute offers Ukrainians postdoc posts

Programme aims to provide a safe academic space to scholars affected by the war

The European University Institute has given postdoctoral fellowships to five Ukrainian researchers as part of its effort to provide funding opportunities to scholars affected by the war.

The EU’s postgraduate and postdoctoral teaching and research institute announced on 3 August that the five researchers have been awarded 12-month fellowships to be undertaken at its site in Florence, Italy.

The institute partnered with the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre evidence service to run the scheme, which aims to provide resources to facilitate the return of Ukrainian researchers to their country to restore the research ecosystem after the Russian invasion.

The joint JRC-EUI programme will focus on providing a “safe space” for the academics and has placed a specific emphasis on female researchers, the two organisations said.

They said the programme aims to integrate the researchers into the EUI community through dedicated academic activities and initiatives while training them in all aspects of an academic career, including publishing and applying for research grants.