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Coara asks for examples of assessment reform efforts


Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment aims to help organisations make their evaluation processes fairer

The Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment is asking higher education institutions and research organisations worldwide to provide examples of how they have tried to reform academic career assessment.

Coara was set up around a year ago to help organisations implement an EU-initiated agreement to make researcher assessment fairer and more reflective of the diversity of roles in the sector.

The survey by Coara’s working group on reforming academic career assessment is open until 22 March and aims to gather information on existing reform initiatives at national, institutional and organisational levels.

The working group is led by the European University Association. The EUA’s director of research and innovation, Stephane Berghmans, said information gathered from the survey could “greatly help other higher education institutions across the globe as they navigate their own reform initiatives” and that it will be used to make an online repository of case studies on academic career assessment.

“This may include initiatives that aim to broaden the criteria and methods for evaluating the outputs and impacts of academic activities for the purposes of recruitment, performance evaluation and career progression of academic staff,” he said in a call for input emailed to EUA members.

The results will also be used to create a toolbox for academic career assessment aimed to cover various institutions and contexts.

The survey is aimed at those who have an overarching view of assessment procedures and practices for academic staff, and only one response per organisation should be submitted.