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Earma reveals plans for 2024-28

Image: guvendemir, via Getty images

Earma 2024: Research managers’ organisation targets community, professional development and recognition

The European Association of Research Managers and Administrators launched a new strategy for 2024-28 at the opening of its annual meeting in Odense, Denmark.

The document published on 23 April sets out three strategic goals for the period, focused on community engagement, professional development and recognition for the profession.

Community engagement

Earma said in the strategy document that it is “fully committed” to putting its members at the centre of its work, but doing so “while working towards our mission to make a positive impact in the research and innovation ecosystem”.

It said it would respond to its members needs, aiming to “foster a sense of belonging and create opportunities for growth and connection”.

But it added: “We aim to make a positive impact not only within our association but also in the broader community by embracing inclusivity, equality, adopting modern practices, and fostering collaboration.”

Professional development

At the “forefront” of the new strategy, Earma said, is investing in the continuous professional development of its members.

“Our aim is to cultivate a futureproofed thriving community where skills development is prioritised, and continuous learning enabled,” it said.

“By setting robust standards and promoting their adoption across the research management community, we will ensure our members are equipped to achieve their full potential.”


Earma said it will continue to work for better recognition of research management and administration as a profession, describing the practitioners as “essential contributors and core partners within the research and innovation ecosystem”.

It said it was committed to influencing policy and driving positive change, pledging to be proactive and to increase the diversity of its member base.

Earma said it would also develop an implementation plan for the strategy that it will review annually.