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EU news review of 2019


Our pick of Research Europe’s news over the past year

1. Research ‘in safe hands’ as Commission starts new term

missingAfter months of campaigning, continent-wide parliamentary elections, weeks of negotiations and last-minute shock changes, a new team of EU commissioners finally took office in December.


2. Historic picture of collaboration breaking down, study shows 

missingAt the start of the year, an analysis for the European Commission found that the long-standing research divide between the EU’s newer and older member states is becoming increasingly porous.


3. New ERC president urged to stand up for excellence and basic research


In the spring, we learned that nanotechnologist Mauro Ferrari, who has spent most of his career in the United States, will become president of the European Research Council from January 2020.


4. Stand up for academic freedom ‘at all costs’, governments told



The year was such a bleak one for academic freedom, that university, funder and society groups felt the need to band together and demand that governments take action.


5. Academia in uproar over ‘planned €12bn cut’ to EU R&D 

blankAfter much political lip-service to unprecedented levels of R&D spending under the EU’s 2021-27 R&D programme, reported plans to make enormous cuts sent shockwaves through academia.