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Europe: 2019 in features


Our favourite features from Research Europe over the past year

1. European Commission: Leaving it open

missingThe end of November brought the end of R&D commissioner Carlos Moedas’s five-year term. We reported what those who worked with him felt about his legacy.


2. End of an era

smitsAn even more experienced European Commission figure also left EU officialdom in 2019: long-serving R&D chief and foremost advocate Robert-Jan Smits.


3. Plan S special: One year on

moedaSmits was the main man behind the radical open-access initiative Plan S, which was still making waves when it reached the first anniversary of its inception.


4. Academic freedom: A helping hand

moedaResearch Europe itself hit a major anniversary in 2019, marking its 500th issue with a special on academic freedom.


5. Universities: The networked future

moedaThe European Universities Initiative got underway with much excitement, and predictions that cross-border collaboration will only increase from here on out.