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Research managers search for fitting name

Survey launched as part of efforts to professionalise research management

The UK’s Association of Research Managers and Administrators has launched a survey to ask its members what term they think best fits their job.

Arma is representing the UK within a wider EU-funded project to professionalise research management.

The RM Roadmap project has received €1.5 million from the EU and is being led by the European Association of Research Managers and Administrators. It aims to clarify research management roles as a common definition for them is lacking. It is also seeking to set out the profession’s potential to support European research and innovation systems.

In the survey, launched on 4 April, Arma is asking the UK research management community for its thoughts on job titles.

Suggestions welcome

UK research managers have been invited to select “a suitable professional title” and give their reasons for preferences.

The list includes Research Manager as well as Research Support Professional, Research Professional and Research Advisor.

Alasdair Cameron, Arma’s RM ambassador for the UK, said he was “happy” for research managers to suggest different titles if they think they have a better one.

Over 40 European countries are taking part in the roadmap project, with each being represented by a national ambassador.

The ambassadors have been tasked with creating a consensus document for their country, which will go forward to inform further European-level work on the project.

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