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The English universities getting the most research funds next year

Image: Jevanto Productions, via Shutterstock

Research England is allocating nearly £2 billion in quality related funding based on research excellence

The latest allocations for quality-related research funding in England have revealed the universities set to get the largest amount of R&D funding from the national funder Research England.

The University of Oxford has won the biggest share of QR funding of all English institutions at nearly £164.2 million for 2022-23, up from £144.7m in 2021-22.

It has taken the top spot from University College London, which slips into second place with almost £159.2m, an increase on the £145.5m it received in 2021-22.

The University of Cambridge stays in third place with around £141.5m, up from £126.7m in 2021-22.

The top 10, all of which won more than £50m is completed with Imperial College London, University of Manchester, King’s College London, University of Bristol, University of Nottingham, University of Birmingham and University of Leeds (see table below).


Overall QR funding has grown by 10 per cent for 2022-23, up to almost £2 billion from around £1.8bn in 2021-22.

QR funding is a block grant that universities use to spend on research. The amounts that individual universities receive for QR funding are determined by their results in the Research Excellence Framework. The results for the REF 2021 were published in May.