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These universities are offering most PhDs this summer


There are over 400 PhD positions currently advertised by 54 UK universities

Southampton, Nottingham, and Birmingham universities lead the way in the number of PhDs they have on offer this summer.

In total, there are just over 400 PhD positions advertised by around 50 UK universities on jobs.ac.uk, a global job board for careers in higher education, science and research.

Southampton takes the top position with 50 PhDs on offer, while Nottingham comes close second with 45 and Birmingham in third place with 28.

Other universities with lots of PhDs open for applications are Loughborough (26), Warwick (24), Bristol (22), University of West England (17) and Surrey (15).

At Southampton there are several PhDs on offer at their Optoelectronics Research Centre—an institute for photonic research—as well as some clinical research PhDs, including one on the development of compounds targeting childhood brain cancer.

Of the PhDs on offer at Nottingham, seven are engineering ones sponsored by car manufacturer Rolls-Royce. Others include a three-year studentship investigating post-traumatic growth in experiences conceptualised as psychosis, while another one is looking at a just transition to carbon farming in the UK.

At Birmingham, there are 14 chemical engineering PhDs on offer and four computer science ones among others including one on financial resilience and wellbeing.