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US news roundup: 9-15 September


This week: space-related education, Hawaiians lead on Mauna Kea, and Noaa’s new research director

In depth: US president Joe Biden has chosen applied biologist Renee Wegrzyn to lead the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health—the new federal biomedical agency modelled on the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Full story: First chief picked for US health research agency

Also this week from Research Professional News

Biden launches biotechnology and biomanufacturing initiative—President wants to ensure US can manufacture all of its own inventions

What goes up—Nasa is calling for help to bring the International Space Station down to Earth

Here is the rest of the US news this week… 

White House releases space education and workforce roadmap

The White House National Science and Technology Council has published an interagency roadmap to support space-related education and workforce training. The roadmap calls for agencies to engage more with educators through space-related learning materials, resources and activities, and to create experiences that will support transitions into the space workforce, fellowships and professional development programmes. Roles highlighted in the report include aircraft mechanics, electrical engineers, machinists, quality control analysts, software developers and welders.

Native Hawaiians appointed to new Mauna Kea board

Prominent Native Hawaiians have been appointed to a new board charged with managing the lands of the Mauna Kea summit—a sacred place for Native Hawaiians that is also home to some of the world’s most advanced space observatories. Two of the eight appointees are activists who successfully halted construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope in 2019. The Mauna Kea Stewardship and Oversight Authority was created by the state earlier this year through a law that says the interests of scientists must be balanced with respect for local culture and the environment.

New director for Noaa research

A new assistant administrator for oceanic and atmospheric research has been appointed at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. In this role, Steve Thur will lead the office within Noaa that is responsible for foundational research relating to weather, climate and marine ecosystems. A leader in coastal science and management, Thur will transition into the role in early October.