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Coronavirus developments at a glance: 21-27 November

This week’s coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic from Research Professional News

Urgent clarity is needed from the UK government on how it will support charity-funded research through the pandemic, medical research charities have said, following what they see as an omission in the government’s spending review.

University of Manchester students have won a 30 per cent rent reduction for their first term following a high-profile protest linked to Covid-19.

The UK government has promised to publish guidance on how to handle students’ return to campuses after Christmas “in due course”, as it revealed 108 institutions have signed up to its end-of-term, mass-testing programme.

Immediate action is required to halt rising inequalities in research careers, which the Covid-19 crisis risks exacerbating, an influential group of scientists has warned.

The leaders of German universities are deeply worried about the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the competitiveness and scientific performance of their institutions, a survey has found.

Oslo Metropolitan University and the University College of Western Norway (HVL) will pay bonuses this year to staff for extra work undertaken to deal with the coronavirus pandemic—following terse negotiations with academic unions.

United States
Following Joe Biden’s successful bid to become the next president of the United States, his predecessor as the Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, has assured European politicians and academics that Biden will work with them on international challenges.

The head of the Africa Centres of Disease Control and Prevention has warned that the global rush for a Covid-19 vaccine could leave Africans unable to travel internationally.

Thirteen African countries will take part in a study to evaluate possible treatments for mild or moderate Covid-19.

A Covid-19 outbreak has thrown South Australia’s universities into a week of chaos during the examination period.

New Zealand
Universities in New Zealand have been warned to prepare to start 2021 without international students.

New Zealand’s Covid-19 response is widening to include mitigation of social and economic effects, as the country awaits a vaccine and researchers ponder how to rebuild after the pandemic.